Marita Ulvskogs stöttar palestinsk terrorist

Den 27e april postade Marita Ulvskog på sin facebook om en manifestation till stöd för palestinska fångars hungerstrejk:

Skärmbild från Marita Ulvskogs Facebookpostning
Marita Ulvskog med bild av Marwan Barghouti

Vem är då Marwan Barghouti? The Telegraph skriver om honom:

According to Israel, Barghouti was then a commander in the Tanzim – the armed wing of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah party – and deeply involved in planning attacks against Israelis. […]

Two months later he appeared in a civilian court in Tel Aviv and began a display of defiance that would make him a hero to Palestinians. He raised his shackled hands above his head and shouted at the judges in fluent Hebrew, which he had learned in a previous stint in Israeli jail. The moment in the Tel Aviv court is now captured in spray paint on an enormous mural near the Kalandia checkpoint into Jerusalem.

Throughout the trial, Barghouti refused to recognise the authority of the judges, calling it “a court of occupation”.

Barghouti är dömd för deltagande och planerande av flera mord. Från Jewish Virtual Library:

A Tel Aviv judge convicted former FatahTanzim militia commander Marwan Barghouti, 43, on May 20, 2004, of murder for his involvement three terrorist attacks in Israel that killed five people. He was acquitted for 33 other murders due to lack of evidence of his direct involvement in those crimes. 

Barghouti was also convicted of a charge of attempted murder, membership in a terror organization and conspiring to commit a crime. The prosecution was seeking to sentence him to five consecutive life terms. The court said in its verdict that “Barghouti was responsible for providing the field units with money and arms….”

New York Times skriver om den aktuella hungerstrejken och fångarnas krav:

The prisoners’ demands include more family visits, an end to solitary confinement, better health care and greater access to education.

Marwan Barghouti har redan genomgått en universitetsutbildning i israeliskt fängelse, men nu vill han ha mer. Marita Ulvskog stöttar hans krav.

Det vore intressant att veta hur Marita Ulvskog ser på Marwan Barghoutis brott. Anser hon, som Barghouti, att israels juridiska system inte är legitimt? Eller stöttar hon hans terrorverksamhet?

Så här sa en talesperson för israels utrikesminister när Barghouti dömdes:

“The five people who were killed in these attacks that he ordered will not return to life. The widows and orphans will not get their loved ones back. But at least justice was done.