Pogromer i Paris

För några dagar sedan ägde en anti-israelisk manifestation rum i Paris. Denna manifestation urartade i en attack på en synagoga. Times of Israel rapporterar: Pro-palestinians throw Molotov Coctail at Paris Synagoge

Pro-Palestinian protesters hurled a Molotov cocktail at a Paris synagogue on Sunday afternoon after a demonstration against Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip descended into violence. 

The synagogue, located on the Val d’Oise in the Sarcelles district of the French capital, suffered no damage in the attack, French newspaper Le Figaro reported. Sarcelles, in the north of the city, is home to a large Sephardic Jewish community. 

The riot broke out after a few hundred people assembled at a local metro station to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza, as well as the decision by French Interior Minister Bernard Cazaneuve to ban rallies against Israel following the staging of riots last week outside several synagogues in the Paris region.

Anledningen att synagogan klarade sig var att ett judiskt medborgargarde skyddade synagogan. Sajten Liberty Voice rapporterar:

A smaller group splintered off and tried to burn its way into a synagogue at the 11th Arrodissement near Gare de Lyon. Using chairs taken from sidewalk cafe’s and bats, the group was met by five police officers guarding the temple. A mob of 100 to 200 individuals then charged at 30 worshippers standing outside the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue while 150 to 200 congregants were barricaded inside. Ironically those inside were attending a ceremony in honor of three recently killed Israeli teens.

The rioters chanted anti-Semitic slogans, hurled objects at the Paris synagogue and attacked the inadequate number of police on hand. They were kept sufficiently away from the building, however, by members of the Jewish community’s own self-defense force, the SPCJ. Those private security officers were assisted in the street brawl by members of the Jewish Defense League and Betar, a group that promotes young Jewish leadership on university campuses and local communities. 

En kvinna från den judiska församlingen vittnar om vad som hände: ‘Yesterday, a Part of My Love for France Left Me’

In telling my father about the assault on La Roquette, I asked him if he had ever seen any such clashes. 

He answered, yes…. In Algeria, before leaving it all behind… He added: but we were in Algeria, here we’re in metropolitan France!! 

I wished him sweet dreams and hung up. I cried

Det som verkar ha hänt i Frankrike är att antisemiterna där känner sig trygga med att visa sin antisemitism öppet. Det skulle självklart även kunna hända i Sverige.

Därför är det så viktigt att det markeras mot antisemtismen, som Sydsvenskan gjorde efter debaclet om Stefan Löfvens utspel: Judehat är inte kritik.

Om antisemitismen får passera har vi snart pogromer även i Sverige.

Uppdatering: Elder of Ziyon rapporterar att pogromerna fortsätter.

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