“Majoriteten somaliska immigranter ej från Somalia”

Den somaliska nyhetssajten Mareeg skriver om invandringen till Sverige: The majority of new alleged Somali asylum seekers in Sweden are not actually from Somalia

A local Somali source who refused to be named citing security concerns said that, a new wave of Djibouti started to flock to Sweden starting from 2007, this year its estimated that more than 7000 Djiboutians sought asylum in Sweden by falsely claiming that they’re from southern parts of Somalia, particularly lower and middle shabelle regions. 

This has led to major problems in the refugee accommodation centers due to the sharp differences in cultures and traditions between Somalis and Djibouti.

En av immigranterna från Djibouti berättar hur han fick svenskt medborgarskap:

I claimed to be from Somalia. I was asked some basic questions, my name and date of birth and other relevant questions, after the initial registration they gave me an appointment for a comprehensive interview in couple of weeks, and transferred me to a refugee accommodation Centre,Life is easy here, Beer and Alcohol which is my favorite are cheap, Qat is available if you know where to look for, i can survive with out much work, in Djibouti i used to work 18 hours every day for less than 150 dollars a month, i like Sweden, its like paradise to me. 

Den svenska asylpolitiken fungerar mycket dåligt. Det har varit mycket, och är sannolikt än idag, mycket lätt att fuska sig till en svensk identitet.

Eftersom fusk lönar sig är det inte konstigt att lycksökare som den djiboutier som uttalar sig hittar till Sverige.

Detta slår mot de som den svenska asylpolitiken vill skydda – människor på flykt.

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