Irshad Manji attackerad i Indonesien

Irshad Manji är på en turné för att reformera islam och i Jakarta blev hon attackerad av islamister. Från Jakarta Post

Liberal Muslim activist and author Irshad Manji and her assistant suffered minor injuries after hundreds people from the Indonesian Mujahidin Council (MMI) attacked the writer’s book launch at the Institute for Islamic and Social Studies (LKiS) Foundation in Yogyakarta on Wednesday. 

According to, Emily, assistant to the liberal Muslim activist, injured her right arm and her tape recorder was damaged in the attack. Irshad was injured by a plate thrown by an attacker, despite efforts of the organizers to protect her. 

Dozens of men and women were also beaten by the mob.

Tankesmedjan European Foundation For Democracy där Manju är Senior Fellow har uttalat sin avsky för attacken:

Following the attack on Irshad Manji, EFD calls on the EU and national governments to support reformist Muslims both in Europe and further afield 

The European Foundation for Democracy is appalled at the attack by Islamic fundamentalists on EFD Senior Fellow Irshad Manji in Jakarta, Indonesia this week. […]

Irshad said ‘Four years ago, I came to Indonesia and experienced a nation of tolerance, openness and pluralism. Things have changed. Islamic radicals have been allowed to close down legitimate debate about issues which Indonesians hold dear to their hearts – the reform of Islam from within. But we will not be silenced. Our work of speaking truth to power has in fact been strengthened by this cowardly attack. We are not going away and will continue to fight for freedom of speech!’

Irshad Manji säger nu till Jakarta Post att hon ändrat sin syn på Indonesien som världens största muslimska demokrati.

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