Massivt raketregn mot Israel

Från Avital Leibovich, talesperson för IDF, på twitter:

A total of 39 rockets and mortars were launched at Israeli communities from #gaza in last 24 hours.One Israeli,father of 4,killed.

Se Rocket-fire on South continues despite reports of cease-fire:

Islamic Jihad reportedly says it doesn’t know about ceasefire; man killed in Ashkelon from rocket; 39 rockets and mortars are fired from Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours; Iron Dome intercepts 2 rockets fired at Gan Yavne.

Jpost skriver också om bakgrunden till den senaste vågen av attacker:

The wave of rockets came after the IDF, working with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), identified and struck an Islamic Jihad rocket cell in Gaza earlier on Saturday, killing five terrorists, including senior Islamic Jihad commander Ahmed Sheikh Khalil, who was responsible for the group’s considerable rocket production facilities.

Army sources said the cell was the same one that fired the unprovoked long-range Grad that struck near Rehovot last week. That rocket was supposedly launched to mark the anniversary of the 1995 assassination in Malta of Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shikaki, the first person to publish a booklet that legitimized suicide in jihad.

“The cell was preparing to fire another rocket into Israel,” an IDF spokesman said. Other reports added that the cell was targeted at an Islamic Jihad training camp. The terrorist organization vowed a major response to the air strike.

Israels politiker kommenterade:

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who was on a trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina on Saturday, warned that “if the rocket fire isn’t halted, there will be serious consequences in the coming days.”

Lieberman said that Israel hasn’t been insisting that its security needs must be met in any final-status agreement with the Palestinians without good reason.

“Just today we have seen why this is necessary,” he said.

We are not seeking violence with the Palestinians and we do not want to ‘heat up’ the situation, but we won’t suffer one rocket barrage after another without a response. […]

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni (Kadima) visited Gan Yavne, where one of the rockets stuck, on Saturday evening.

“I will support any action the government chooses in order to stop the attacks,” she said. “Residents of the South bravely deal with constant attacks, and we will all try to support them.”

The rockets “remind everyone that the South is full of terrorist extremists, whom Israel must weaken directly and by negotiating with moderates who do not use violence,” Livni wrote on her Facebook page.

IDF spokesperson har en bra översikt över raketattackerna mot Israel. Där visas de olika typerna av raketer som Hamas använder, samt hur många som har avlossats mot Israel.

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