Krauthammer: Land utan fred

Numer är det allmänt ansett att det stora hindret för fred i mellanöstern är Israels bosättningar. Charles Krauthammer skriver om detta i Washington Post:

It is remarkable how this gross inversion of the truth has become conventional wisdom. In fact, Benjamin Netanyahu brought his Likud-led coalition to open recognition of a Palestinian state, thereby creating Israel’s first national consensus for a two-state solution. He is also the only prime minister to agree to a settlement freeze — 10 months — something no Labor or Kadima government has ever done.

To which Abbas responded by boycotting the talks for nine months, showing up in the 10th, then walking out when the freeze expired. Last week he reiterated that he will continue to boycott peace talks unless Israel gives up — in advance — claim to any territory beyond the 1967 lines. Meaning, for example, that the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem is Palestinian territory. This is not just absurd. It violates every prior peace agreement. They all stipulate that such demands are to be the subject of negotiations, not their precondition.

Han skriver vidare om palestiniernas agerande under fredsprocessen:

●Camp David, 2000. At a U.S.-sponsored summit, Prime Minister Ehud Barak offers Yasser Arafat a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza — and, astonishingly, the previously inconceivable division of Jerusalem. Arafat refuses. And makes no counteroffer, thereby demonstrating his unseriousness about making any deal. Instead, within two months, he launches a savage terror war that kills a thousand Israelis.

●Taba, 2001. An even sweeter deal — the Clinton Parameters — is offered. Arafat walks away again.

●Israel, 2008. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert makes the ultimate capitulation to Palestinian demands — 100 percent of the West Bank (with land swaps), Palestinian statehood, the division of Jerusalem with the Muslim parts becoming the capital of the new Palestine. And incredibly, he offers to turn over the city’s holy places, including the Western Wall — Judaism’s most sacred site, its Kaaba — to an international body on which sit Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Did Abbas accept? Of course not. If he had, the conflict would be over and Palestine would already be a member of the United Nations.

This is not ancient history. All three peace talks occurred over the past decade. And every one completely contradicts the current mindless narrative of Israeli “intransigence” as the obstacle to peace.

Detta är alltså vad som faktiskt har hänt – Israel har föreslagit fred och palestinierna har förkastat freden.

Det är lätt att förklara och förstå den verkliga mellanösternkonflikten – Fatah, PLO och arabvärlden vill “frigöra (liberate)” det som de kallar “palestina”. Detta är inte västbanken, det är hela Israel.

Gör en snabb googlesökning på Fatah och PLOs loggor, lyssna på vad de säger på arabiska och dra de logiska slutsatserna av deras officiella politik.

Det är inte “höger” att påstå att palestiniernas representanter inte vill ha fred med Israel. Det är att se fakta, att se vad som verkligen händer.

Tipstack Mathias Sundin.

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