Antisemitiska demonstrationer i London

Bloggaren Richard Millet rapporterar från en anti-sionistisk demonstration i London. Demonstrationen uttryckte stöd för Hamas och Hizbolla och krävde Israels förstörande:

Yellow Hezbollah flags were everywhere with the flag’s usual gun emblem, which is especially menacing considering that the head of Hizbollah has said that Jews are descended from pigs and apes and that if all the Jews in the world gathered in Israel it would save Hizbollah the trouble of going after them elsewhere.

I felt that the rhetoric and placards were nothing short of incitement to racial hatred and violence, not just against Israel and its citizens, but against the many Israeli tourists and residents in the UK as well as British Jews, and non-Jews, who wish to express support for Israel.

Had similar threats been made against Britain the police would have acted. They can still act as they were recording footage.

But there is no point filming and doing nothing. When will we start to see arrests for incitement?

Den engelska polisen verkar helt se genom fingrarna med islamistiska tendenser.

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