Yttrandefrihet under attack i England

En krönika av Giulio Meotti på Israel National News är mycket läsvärd. Den handlar om Benny Morris’ besök i England:

“It’s very sad but I felt physically threatened in the heart of London”, Benny Morris told me in a telephone conversation.

Several days ago, on his way to speak at the London School of Economics, the Israeli historian encountered the tragic reality of “Londonistan”, as the journalist Melanie Phillips labelled the British Islamization.

On the way to his talk, Morris was almost lynched by a mob of leftists and jihadists. He was walking with his wife towards the LSE, when he was accosted by a group of keffiyah-ed Muslims who, recognising him, started hurling abuse, shouting and screaming in his face that he was a “fascist”, “murderer”, “racist” and that UK shouldn’t have let him speak.

The police were called, but when they arrived, the fanatics had melted away.

When Morris finished his lesson on Israel’s war of 1948, he was unceremoniously bundled away through the back exit of the faculty, past the garbage cans, out of fear for his safety if he left the building in the normal manner.

Last year, Cambridge University cancelled a conference by Morris after a Facebook campaign and threats from Islamist groups.

Morris kommenterar:

“I felt like a Jew in Berlin in the 20’s”, a shaken Morris told me. “Freedom of expression has been severely limited in Europe about the conflict in the Middle East. Israel is an absolute taboo in Europe, as well as criticism of Islam and of the Arab world. European leaders never say ‘Islamic terrorism’, but ‘International terrorism’.

“The Islamist propaganda was able to intimidate the intellectual discussion, Israel has become the symbol of evil and the situation has created a climate of fear. At the London School of Economics I had to be protected by the police. At Cambridge, my class was canceled after intimidation by Islamist groups. The Islamists have money, resources and influence to subdue Europe. I am very pessimistic after the Danish cartoons affair because appeasement is spreading throughout all Europe. And I think that it will only get worse”.

Historiens vingslag känns igen. Återigen jagas judar på gatorna i Europa. Återigen ser myndigheterna mellan fingrarna. Det kallas numer antisionism istället för antisemtism. Men skillnaden är fullkomligt irrelevant.

Utvecklingen i England och Europa i stort. Men jag upplever inte läget lika allvarligt i Sverige, trots ett djupt folkligt Israelhat extrem anti-israelisk slagsida i politik och media.

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