FN hyllar Kinas arbete med mänskliga rättigheter

Igår fick Liu Xiabo sitt fredspris, men vad som är mindre känt är att även Kina har blivit prisat. Av FN – för sitt arbete med mänskliga rättigheter. UN Watch rapporterar:

GENEVA, December 10, 2010 – Rights groups expressed outrage that the U.N. European Headquarters in Geneva today hosted a massive photo exhibit extolling China’s human rights record and its alleged respect for Uyghurs, Tibetans and other minority groups, displayed next to the U.N. human rights office event marking international Human Rights Day.

“At a time when the Nobel Peace Prize is being awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, it is an outrage that the U.N. is hosting and co-sponsoring — with China’s Communist regime — a massive propganda display designed to cover up the government’s systematic abuses of universal human rights,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based UN Watch.

Utställningen beskrev en något annorlunda bild än vad som är känt om Kina:

Under photos showing Chinese deputies voting at a ballot box, the U.N. exhibit says that “China’s Constitution and laws guarantee citizens’ freedom of speech, publication, assembly, association, procession and demonstration.” China’s laws mark “the gradual perfection of the legal system” where “the rule of law is generally realized in the country’s economic, political, cultural and social life.”

Another photo caption extols “multi-party co-operation,” “political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China,” and “socialist democracy.”

Otroligt att se hur FN mer och mer oblygt hyllar världens diktaturer.

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