Svensk skolbok om mellanöstern förkastas

Elder of Ziyon skriver idag om hur svenska biståndspengar har hamnat i fokus i de israeliska nyheterna. Vänstertidningen Haaretz skrev om en intressant nyhet:

The Palestinian Authority’s Education Ministry approved the use of a history textbook that offers the central narratives of both Palestinians and the Zionist movement, marking the first time that the accepted Israeli position is being presented to schoolchildren in the West Bank.

The textbook, which has been banned from use by the Israeli Education Ministry, is the result of a joint Israeli-Palestinian-Swedish collaboration to promote coexistence through education. It will be taught in two high schools near Jericho, the Palestinian Education Ministry said.

Men att den palestinska myndigheten skulle ha godkänt denna bok förnekades senare av palestinska myndigheten.

Elder of Ziyon kommenterar:

Any news story that would make Palestinian Arabs look more liberal than Israelis would be a huge PR victory; a devastating riposte to those who contrast the openness and liberalism in Israel and the hate and intolerance in the PA administered territories. […]

The PA had a choice to win a huge propaganda victory – or let some of their high school kids learn the Zionist narrative along with their own. The thought of teaching anything remotely resembling Zionism was so repulsive that they’d rather throw it all away.

Om jag får gissa lite lätt skulle jag tro att den israeliska historieberättelsen är en bra bit närmare sanningen än den palestinska. Kanske är det därför Israel inte ville lära om “Katastrofen” när Israel slog tillbaka ett utrotningskrig. Elder of Ziyon skriver vidare:

Yes, teach the Nakba – but teach what really happened. Of course it was a catastrophe for hundreds of thousands of people, but the continuing catastrophe of what has happened to them since 1948 at the hands of their Arab brothers needs to be taught as well.

Yes, there were some massacres and Israel should be embarrassed – but there was also heroism, there were also miracles, there was also the overriding moral imperative to survive and beat back an onslaught that was literally meant to be genocidal.

Teach about how Palestinian Arab nationalism was weak to nonexistent in 1948. Teach how Jordan and Egypt’s occupations of “Palestinian” land were not protested. Teach the history of the Mufti and his terror sprees against Jews (not Zionists – Jews.) Teach about how Arab refugees in Israel were integrated into society while those in Arab lands were treated like garbage, and still are. Teach about how UNRWA has ensured that the “refugee” problem will fester until Israel is destroyed.

All of these need to be taught.

Vad ville de svenska representanterna lära ut för bild av “katastrofen” som var Israels bildande?

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