Samverkar Reuters med LAF/Hizbollah?

Från min semester passade jag på att uppdatera med lite info om Libanons attack på Israel. Elder of Ziyon citerar Backspin som ställer några viktiga frågor kring varför attacken på Israel var så välbevakad:

1. How were five photographers encouraged to cover routine IDF maintenance work — which is simply non-news? Who tipped them off, and why?

2. How did Reuters photographers get such wide, unrestricted access to the combat zone?

3. Who are the unidentified stringers? Do they, or any of the five identified photographers, have any conflicts of interest requiring disclosure, in the interests of ethical journalism? Why did Reuters break with journalistic norms and not credit seven images with the photographer’s name?

4. Is it fair to say that the Lebanese source who tipped off journalists to be in the Adaisseh area of the border bears responibility for the death of Assaf Abu Rahhal?

5. Did any higher ups in the Reuters chain of command raise any questions?

En ytterligare viktig frågeställning från Backspin:

Reuters’ coverage and access to so many positions along the border makes us wonder if some or all of these photographers expected to “only” cover IDF gardening or the start of the next Lebanon war.

TT samverkar med Reuters, och det var deras vinkling som återgavs i TT-Reuters-telegrammet som gick ut i t ex SvD.

De kritiska frågorna om Reuters gäller även TT.

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