Cameron attackerar Israel

I the Guardian kan man idag läsa att David Cameron under ett besök i Turkiet attackerat Israel och kallat Gaza ett “fångläger”.

Melanine Philips kommenterar:

For let’s get this clear: Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister has lauded a Turkish Islamist regime which sponsored an act of terrorism which came close to a declaration of war, while he condemned its victims for defending themselves against the attack. And this from the leader of a country which itselfis the Islamists’ principal target and recruiting ground in the west. Far from defending Britain and the west, Cameron is on his knees to their enemies while unleashing the furies upon their strategic ally.

And those furies are raging at home too. As I have previously observed, there is now in Britain a pre-pogrom atmosphere against Israel. Never mind the Guardian — just look at the comments on Conservative Home to see the hideous face of British bigotry, a hysteria that Cameron’s inflammatory remarks will have done much to stoke even further.

1940 this most definitely is not. Weep for Britain. It has just become even more unsafe – and British politics a lot more disgusting.

På samma sätt som Philips skriver om Storbrittanien känner jag för Sverige. Under Ship to Gaza blev känslan av “pre-pogrom atmosphere” oerhört stark. På samma sätt som David Cameron driver på den utvecklingen agerar Carl Bildt i Sverige.

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