Human Rights Watch fortsätter kampanj mot Israel

NGO Monitor har skrivit en genomgång av Human Rights Watchs sjätte rapport om Gazakriget. :

As in its other “reports” on Gaza, “Turning a Blind Eye” claims facile equivalence between Iranian-supported Hamas attacks and Israeli defense of its civilian population, and goes on to disproportionately focus on alleged Israeli “violations.” Twenty-seven pages address Israel, versus nine pages on Hamas. […]

Despite the forced resignation of HRW’s “senior military analyst,” Marc Garlasco, this report repeats Garlasco’s allegations as if they were credible and uncontested. HRW’s other reports on the Gaza war (“Rain of Fire,” “Precisely Wrong,” “White Flag Deaths”) have been shown to be highly problematic, both in terms of the facts and the pseudo-legal claims.  While HRW asserts that “The IDF’s conclusions …contradicted the findings of Human Rights Watch”, the evidence shows that HRW’s “findings” are political and not substantive.

Similarly, this HRW publication again references unverifiable allegations from local political NGOs (B’Tselem, PCHR, Al-Mezan, PCHR), without independent confirmation. An organization whose research methodology consistently violates professional standards for human rights fact-finding is in no position to question the “thoroughness and impartiality of the [IDF] investigations.”  (HRW has no methodological claims in the short section on Hamas, highlighting the moral absurdity of the comparison with Israel.)

En viktig genomgång av NGO Monitor, som tydligt visar hur Human Rights Watch har övergivit sin neutrala ambition för att kampanja mot Israel, sida vid sida med världens diktaturer.

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