HRW attackerar Israel för påhittat citat

NGO Monitor och Elder of Zyon skriver om Human Rights Watch senaste avslöjande utspel. Ken Roth använde ett citat från Tzipi Livni som enligt honom visade att Israel inte gör skillnad på civila och stridande. Från NGO Monitor:

Roth’s source for Livni’s supposed remarks was a December 29, 2008, article posted in English on the website of Israeli newspaper, Yediot Ahronot.  Roth, however, completely distorted Livni’s words delivered in Hebrew by claiming she was equating Gazan civilians and Hamas, thereby justifying intentional attacks on both.

In fact, Livni was actually rebuking Israeli Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi for his remarks exacerbating racial divisions between Israeli Jews and Arabs.  Roth omitted this context entirely from his article, including Tibi’s remarks, in order to bolster his anti-Israel slander.

NGO Monitor har spårat det falska uttalandet till en Europa-finansierad NGO – Al Haq.

This incident emphasizes the methodological problems and lack of credibility in HRW’s “research.” HRW routinely relies on and disseminates Palestinian/Lebanese claims without any independent verification, such as it did during the 2006 Lebanon War and its false accusations on white phosphorous, white flags, and drones in the Gaza War.

HRW and Roth are clearly not neutral defenders of human rights but rather ideologues that distort the facts to advance their political agenda.

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