Medietystnad kring palestinsk mördarhyllning

Israel har släppt ytterligare 26 fångar som ett led i fredsförhandlingarna med Palestina. Times of Israel rapporterar från mottagandet på Västbanken: Thousands in Ramallah celebrate arrival of released palestinian prisoners

Thousands of Palestinians gathered in Ramallah in the early hours of Wednesday morning to greet 21 prisoners released from Israeli custody to the West Bank as part of arrangements for the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Five other Palestinian prisoners were released earlier in Gaza. All 26 were convicted murderers, most of them jailed for crimes committed before the 1993 Oslo Accords. […] 

The prisoners were greeted in front of Yasser Arafat’s mausoleum next to the Palestinian Authority headquarters in Ramallah by assorted Palestinian dignitaries, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, who kissed and embraced each of the men in succession.

Elder of Ziyon skriver om händelsen: Moderate peace-loving Abbas happily poses with murderers of jews

What is amazing is that no western leader finds these images to be disgusting.

No academic notes the hypocrisy of a “peace partner” welcoming, in person, murderers and terrorists. 

No mainstream journalist or editorialist says the obvious – that a people who lionize murderers are clearly not deserving of any Western support […]

Photos that would instantly torpedo the career of any other politician on the planet are not newsworthy when the politician is “President of Palestine.”

Kommer svenska mellanösternjournalister rapportera om terrorhyllningen? Jag har ställt frågan på twitter till Samir Abu Eid, Cecilia Uddén och Bitte Hammargren.

Om Netanyahu hade kysst och kramat bosättarextremister som mördat palestinier hade det blivit världsnyheter. Svenska politiker hade stått på kö för att fördöma. Men nu är det tyst – varför?

Ställ frågan till ansvariga journalister och politiker.


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