Palestinier bombas av syrisk militär

Reuters rapporterar att Assad bombar på friskt i Syrien. Bland annat får palestinierna fly sina flyktingläger:

“Shelling has renewed on al-Raml al-Filistini (Palestinian Sand, a neighbourhood with Palestinian refugees) and al-Shaab districts. There is heavy machinegun firing on Sulaibeh, al-Ashrafieh, al-Quneines and al-Ouneineh and the citadel neighborhoods,” one resident, a business owner who did not want to be further identified, said by telephone.

FNs organ för palestinska flyktingar, UNRWA, slår i ett pressmeddelande larm (länk via EoZ):

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, is gravely concerned about reports of heavy gunfire from Syrian security forces into the Palestinian refugee camp situated in the El Ramel district and surrounding areas of Latakia, including heavy fire from gunboats. Reports from various sources indicate deaths and casualties among the Palestinian refugee population, although poor communications make it impossible to confirm the exact number of dead and injured.

Men här hemma är det tyst som i graven. Palestinagrupperna har varket bloggat eller twittrat. TT har en ytte-pyttig notis.

Amnesty har ett upprop mot blodbadet i Syrien. Det har jag skrivit under.


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