Terrorism lönar sig för Hamas

Barry Rubin skriver på sin blogg en intressant text om situationen i Gaza och om ett oundvikligt krig mellan Israel och Hamas. Han börjar med en beskrivning av Hamas:

First, Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, is a revolutionary Islamist movement that  views itself as directed by God’s will; considers Jews to be subhuman; believes that a willingness to court suicide and welcome death and destruction will bring victory; is certain that it is going to destroy Israel; and is determined to transform Palestinian society into an Islamic utopia, no matter how many people it has to kill. It is indifferent to the well-being, or even physical survival, of the Palestinians it rules.

And not one word of that is an exaggeration.

Barry Rubin lägger ett tungt ansvar på Obama-administrationen för den nya situationen.

Han skriver också om Hamas’ upptrappning av våldet mot Israel:

Much of the escalation of attacks on Israel now is the result of Hamas getting new weapons and escalating its use of terrorism on all levels. In addition, we are seeing no significant international action or even criticism of this behavior. On the contrary, the more terrorism Hamas commits, the more Israel is criticized in the Western media.

Terrorism works; aggression goes unpunished. Why be surprised that Hamas becomes increasingly confident and aggressive?

Det är en nykter betraktelse. Terrorism lönar sig utmärkt för Hamas, särskilt här i Sverige.


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