Palestinska flyktingar för alltid

Elder of Ziyon skrev för ett tag sedan om palestinska flyktingar:

As we’ve mentioned numerous times before, the definition of “Palestinian refugee” is unique among all world refugees. The UNRWA created an entirely news class of refugees where the descendants of Palestinian Arab refugees are considered refugees themselves. Using this bizarre definition, the number of Palestinian Arab “refugees” is fated to grow, forever. It is simply impossible to imagine that they will all ever “return” to “Palestine.” They are now at about 10,000,000 and counting.

As far back as the 1950s, the world realized that there was no solution for the (then) hundreds of thousands of refugees that did not include their eventual resettlement in Arab countries. Yet the Arab League, in an astonishing display of bigotry against their fellow Arabs that persists to this day, ruled that no Palestinian Arabs can become naturalized citizens of Arab countries – while all other Arabs can.

This is, in sum, the major reason why millions of Arabs are stateless today. Even if you want to blame Israel for expelling every one of the 600,000 Arabs in 1948 (which is clearly not true,) the only people responsible for their continued suffering over the past 61 years are the Arab leaders who pretend to support them while refusing to take in their “brethren” and give them full rights.

De palestinska flyktingarna är dömda till att vara statslösa tills de får rätt att “återvända” till Israel, ett land som många av dem aldrig har bott i – men kanske deras föräldrar eller farföräldrar.

De hålls statslösa för att användas som ett vapen mot Israel.

Elder of Ziyon menar att USAs sändebud också motsatt sig att dessa flyktingar integreras i Libanon.


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